Property Management Electrical Services

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Reuben Electrical Contracting is licensed, bonded and insured. We have a proven track record for providing high-quality property management electrical services to well-known property management companies in Arizona’s Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa metropolitan area.

Let us provide you with references, so that you may verify our work is efficient, meets National Electrical Code® (NEC®). Please, allow us the opportunity to bid to become your Phoenix property management electrical services vendor of choice.

Commercial buildings with high energy performance, will outpace their neighbors on operating expenses, rent premiums, occupancy and asset value. By significantly reducing utility costs, upgrades like high-efficiency lighting, result in dramatically increased net operating income, and drive new cash flows that are capitalized into asset value.

Effective lighting solutions offers curb appeal. Reuben Electrical Contracting offers competitive and cost saving maintenance strategies to ensure your buildings will maximize gross income and occupancy rates.

Electrical, lighting provides a critical component to repositioning under-performing commercial properties. Reuben Electrical Contracting achieves this with speed, agility, flexibility and performance.